Psalms 118:24 

Sound Minds Bodies and  Training = Happy Owners     

                                                      Stephanie 2006 


2008 AQHA Gelding For Sale 
Finished 1d-2d Barrel Horse
15.3 H 
Runs with the best in the NW and holds his own, solid, honest, works cattle, trail rides, ponies colts, works the cattle sale.  Excellent horse for someone who wants to turn one out, leg them up a week or two and get back to running. Or haul him hard and heavy and he will run. HAS NOT had his legs run off 50 lifetime runs spread out over 3.5 yrs. I have owned him 5 yrs, coming 6. 
I have a lot of young horses, and I ride my client horses 1st daily, so I need to let him go. 
$15,500 firm 

SMG has been well known for producing horses that are user friendly, for clients for a variety of disciplines. 

1D Barrel racing, gaming for youth, OHSET, Upper level Eventing horses with leading eventers, Pony Horses at the race track, Family trail horses to back country pack horses who can really do the job.

Their goals are always to train horses that are usable for other people, not just them. Quiet minded, or if they aren't quiet minded by nature, then instilling respect enough to keep them safe and user friendly for the experienced riders that suit the horse. Nurturing the bond and a good balance of respect between horse and rider, helping them reach the owners goals as big or small.


The goal has always been to create a brand, a business built on happy customers and to have a large amount of knowledge and experience to offer each horse, owner and lesson student. 

Many horses have helped pave the way in my career, but these stand out for the time we spent together and the successes I had with each one, none where what we call good prospects either, they were what I could afford and what I saw potential in. None where made horses, I made them all. This just a small collaboration to honor each one, and remind us here that each horse has the ability to something GREAT when given the chance !  ~ Stephanie 2016 

Stephanie started training client horses in 2002, in 2005 she went out on her own. Stephanie started on cutters under other trainers, and went to rope horses with a NW champion, endurance horses with the Nance's, race horses / ponying, and then to California, were she owned the premier Girl Scout residential horse camp from 2008-2011. Stephanie spent years retraining and selling Off the Track horses for barrel racing and eventing, salvaging rescue horses, PMU mares and foals, and of course her LOVE for well bred horses is always there as well.  Nov 2011, The family decided to come home and start a life in Central Oregon, were its a great place to raise kids. Stephanie continues her love for the diamonds in the rough and has much success in remaking unwanted or undesirable horses into great family horses, barrel horses and rope horses.  Today she is specializing in the newer lines of Barrel Horses and following her childhood dream of barrel racing for a living.