Psalms 118:24 

Sound Minds Bodies and  Training = Happy Owners     

                                                      Stephanie 2006 

Wisedigger 2008 AQHA $15,500

Closing in the 2D winter 2015, running with Pro Rodeo horses and American Qualifiers. We are starting to pour the speed on, and HE LOVES it ! Finished and seasoning this year. Attended the Reno 2015 Xtreame race, was in the 4D average. He attended Pendleton two years in a row in the 3D, he has placed in the 3D pretty solid. Has a total of 25 races, but was started right patterned right, hauled and moved cattle, and trail rode a lot in between. No gate issues, no bad behaviors. He is sensitive and needs quiet hands and a strong rider.
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