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Psalms 118:24 

Sound Minds Bodies and  Training = Happy Owners     

                                                      Stephanie 2006 



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2018  Brought about some big changes for SMG Performance Horses now

Lucky U Performance Horses 

Stephanie decided after dissolution of a 15 yr marriage, rebranding is a part of life. 

Why Lucky U Performance Horses ?  

Because Lucky U is a great statement for how I feel riding and training, I feel lucky to be here. Lucky to be doing this, blessed, amazed, always grateful for the blind faith and luck that keeps me going, as well as god given talent and ability to do this job. It took me until I was 30 to finally wrap my mind around the fact I had a gift, and so many of people telling me, so thank you all for encouraging me and pushing me to believe in myself, like I believe in the horses that come through my gates. 

Lucky U has an objective of making all around arena, solid trail, horses on cattle that can easily be working into ranch homes. Team sorting and helping horses find roping homes when they fit the bill. Helping horses turn into good minded horses for the adult barrel racer, rancher and or the kids of the family. 

What happens when the horses that come through the door, won't make great barrel horses ?  That's ok, because a solid foundation was laid by Stephanie, they can easily become someone's weekend warrior trail horse, kids horse, ranch horse or some even have ended up at professional pick horses, pony horses, jumpers, eventers and endurance horse, YES even that..... My job is to find a job or life these horses love  

Stephanie January 2019 


Stephanie spent 2018, reframing her personal life, and enjoy her freedom to be herself. 

Attending WPRA rodeos for the 1st time in Stephanie's life ( Sisters, Crooked River Round Up, Union, Mollalla, St Paul, .Lil Miss Smarty Plans was consistent in runs on varying ground and at age 14 going from jackpot to rodeo ground is an adjustment 18.6's and an 18.9  A great horse to get confidence built on. 

2018 she attended some large jackpots, like Pendleton 4th of July and Showdown of the Cascades.  Lil Miss Smarty Plans ended up 6th with a 16.5 on the standard and 10th in the 1d average for the weekend at the American Qualifier in Powell Butte. 

Lakota Light was 13th In the WPRA sidepot at Pendleton & clocked a 31.1 which is impressive with the amount of mistakes made, and ended up in the 2d 


July 4th weekend Lil Miss Smarty Plans her main ride of 11 yrs had an injury requiring her turn out and potentially retiring her.  

Stephanie has been focused on building a solid foundation on her 2012 CS Flashlight gelding ( Lakota Light ) and a few other up and comings.

Stephanie slimmed her own string of horses from 30 to 15 head, cutting all broodmares and down to a 2016 colt and 2018 gelding, everything else young sold. 

RESTRUCTOR & REFRAM for clients and focusing on rodeo & consignment horses