SMG / Lucky U Performance Horses  

Psalms 118:24 

Sound Minds Bodies and  Training = Happy Owners     

                                                      Stephanie 2006 

We will be taking a break from producing Barrel races & focusing on our horses.  

Lessons and Training are in FULL SWING 

Riding lessons focused on improving you as a rider, your horsemanship skills, overall skills and confidence. 

Excellent trustworthy lesson horses with a resume available for all levels of riders and all ages. 

If you bring your own horse, we can do everything from ground work, improving manners, under saddle, improving all training levels and skills. From trail riding safely, independently, and confidently,  to teaching you to be the leader in the relationship and advanced skills in the arena for barrels, poles, pleasure, some reining and roping. 

I can coach and provide skills and support for most levels of riders. I however will not teach your kid or tell you winning is more important than your horse, their soundness of mind or body and I will not be a part of crying kids, adults or parents side line coaching that winning, losing or having a bad day is world ending. I am a huge believer in teaching kids, novice riders that placing, and winning comes from hours of hard work, time put in and failure is part of winning. We can have bad days and keep going, we can have great days and keep going humbly. 

With my experience training, and teaching, I have something to offer just about every horse and rider combo, might be minor and it might be a game changer. I also have lots to learn, I learn everyday. If you read under the "about us" page you will see I have rode just about every breed and under saddle rode and trained a variety of breeds and disciplines. 

2015 SMG Barrel Races - Held @ Eagle Crest paying out over $ 16,000 in series and $2500 in awards and prizes 
Thank You all who attended and those who helped make this series wonderful ( you know who you are ) 

2014 SMG Cowgirl Can Series - Held at Rim Rock Riders outdoor arena. Thank You all who attended and thank you Kerri Jo for running our office. You were a god send !  

2013 SMG Ladies Horse Retreat held at Dark Lake / Camp Tamerack.  All these women attended a weekend, bringing their own horses and renting SMG owned horses. It was a blast !! 

2013 we hosted a LES VOGT clinic at our leased ranch in Sisters Oregon.  I just adore this man and aspire to reach the level of horsemanship he has. 

LES VOGT Joined us on August 10 & 11th   

SUPER SUCCESS !!! Full house and awesome opportunity for all of us involved. I purchased a few new performax bits and the 5 Easy Peices CD my 2 horses made huge progress, I got out of my comfort zone with the bits and it was worth it !! 

Les made it fun for everyone - Few short clips from his clinic with us

Started putting horses camps on in 2007 with locals lesson kids and their friends. 
In 2008 we had a waiting list a mile long from Girl Scouts of the Central Coast. From 2008-2011 We were the premiere horse camp for the Girl Scouts in California !  
In those summers we never had one accident, I trained, re-trained rescue horses and OTTB's for our program, yes OTTB's worked in our lesson program and horse camps ! 
Thank You to all of our excellent teen councilors ( you know who you were ) and all those who helped keep us up and running. Mark and I took kids back into Lake Santa Margarita Lake which was a 5 mile ride packing in. Bear boxes and high line tying the horses, it was a real wilderness experience for the girls from the city who attended 3 summers. Our 4 th summer girls were taken to Montana De Oro for a beautiful ride on the beach and mountain trails. I did one summer in foal with our youngest son, and one summer with him on my back and front in a pack. We decided to hang it up and spend the summers with my own children while they were little. Camps took 5 days 24 hrs a day through the whole summer. In fall 2011 I followed through with my desire to return home to Central Oregon and focus on my dreams and goals