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Psalms 118:24 

Sound Minds Bodies and  Training = Happy Owners     

                                                      Stephanie 2006 

Full Training 

                                       All breeds of horses welcome, all level of owners welcome. 

In 30 days we begin to establish routine, and expectations of what is a correct reaction and what isn't for whatever level of training we are teaching, we will work on foundation and respect. 

In 60 days these new things start to become habits and in 90 days usually what we have taught will stick if the new owner is willing to invest the time to pick up where we left off several times a week or more and has the skills to continue. 

With 120 plus days a horse can start to have a few extra days off and retain what we have taught as the new habits become solid routine and part of who they are. This is easier to hand a horse off to someone who works full time and wants to enjoy a weekend ride once a week or bi weekly. Depending on the horse 120 days will usually do it. 
Cross training and exposure that is routine is super important for me. I like hauling my horses all over, Grass Lands, BLM, Mountain trails, different arenas, the stock yard, and riding at home is last priority. 
My horses in training all stand tied saddled for hours at the trailer, haul and get used to new places and get over having new places be scary because new is normal. 
I ride with my dogs out and about, the kids jump on the trampoline while I work colts in the round pen. Its just normal to have chickens, goats and kids all over across the fence. We live on a heavy traveled road and our horse pens sit down so cars zip overhead all day and night, ducks fly from the pond while we work and the neighbors have show cows. I mean the list goes on and on of the things they will see while here, and learn to cope with. Wood corrals with hot wire keep the safe and comfy. 

There are a lot of trainers who can train a horse faster than me, some can whip a barrel pattern on one or spur a spin onto them. Shoot there are guys who can get on a colt in a few days after getting a halter on them.  I drive, teach them to hobble, and sack them out well before I swing a leg. By ride 10 I am usually out of the round pen and arena.  In the barrel pen, CORRECT is always first for me, speed will come with confidence and correctness. This is why I have had such great success in handing off 4 -6yr old horses to older clients and youth knowing they are safe. 

I have always said that solid consistent riding ( not vigorous hard or long rides to start, but easy, smooth rides/training sessions that accomplish things in order / short intervals that are consistent )  routine will instill confidence, fitness, and make a solid honest horse.  Time and time again over the last 15 yrs I have proved that theory right. Whether a trail horse for a client, a barrel, rope, race or ranch horse, consistent patient riding pays off in the long run. 

I spent a few years riding for world class cutters, reiners and then out on a huge ranch in Eastern Oregon for a winter which was a whole different kind of skills and training needed for basic survival on 2 and 3 yr olds, then onto riding race horses, endurance horses and then into the barrel horse world, team sorting, roping and coaching kids in high school rodeo, as rodeo queens. I owned the largest resident Girl Scout Horse Camp in California, were we employed 15-30 head of horses for camps, fully run by myself, husband and a handful of high school girls who rode with me.  I have invested my life and self to learning, providing the best care for each horse and improving each horse to the best of their abilities for their usefulness for a job desired.

You aren't just paying for just training, you are paying me for every horse I have ever rode, the knowledge and horsemanship gained over 17 yrs spent full time in the barn and on a horse. The hours spent in the saddle, the books and advanced education I have invested in, you are paying for every vet visit I used as a learning experience ( and there have been a lot combined for pre purchases and routine care ) and every trainer I ever learned from and the list is long. 

I attend at least 5-10 events monthly with client horses & expose them to cattle on a real ranch sometimes gathering, moving or just checking, as well as in a ranch sorting setting in an arena setting such as running barrels at the big shows.  I work the Madras sale on Mondays and client horses as well as personal horses get a couple hours of feedlot riding. It is amazing how much they learn when doing a real job.